Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Joe Moretti Does it Again - Christmas, 2006

Joe Moretti is a regular guy living in Cranston, Rhode Island. Drive around Cranston during this holiday season and you will definitely get lost in a ho-hum daze looking at all the white ranch houses on green lawns with attached garages with the occassional string of red and green lights. That is until you see a blaze of light emanating in the suburban darkness of 264 Mayfield Avenue. Joe Moretti's neighbors are used to his rubber-necking lawn displays. Each year brings a fresh surprise and this year is no exception.

Eschewing the usual Santa Claus and reindeer, artist and designer Moretti prefers to decorate his lawn with his favorite celebrity of the moment. This year features an imagined wedding in life-size cut-outs of Oprah Winfrey and longtime beau, Stedman Graham. Dr. Phil is part of the bridal party as Best Man and Winfrey's best friend, Gayle King is Maid of Honor. Moretti has chosen an Asian theme to back up the couple.

The unspoken question is "Why?" Why Oprah Winfrey, or, for that matter, why Paris Hilton, Madonna, Liberace, Princess Diana and Martha Stewart (all objects of his past lawn displays)?

Call Moretti a kind of knight in shining armor for the underappreciated celebrity. Moretti told Rhode Island's Channel Ten this past week that he chose to depict Oprah's wedding to quell the pressure on her to wed. He just decided to make it happen albeit on his lawn in Cranston. The same went for poor beleagured and misunderstood Paris Hilton who last year was depicted on his parents' front lawn in several larger-than-life poses wearing skimpy pink clothes and big boots. The neighbors are apparently relieved this year that his taste has taken a more tame path.

Yes, Joe Moretti is a regular guy living in Rhode Island. Or should we ask: what is this guy doing living in Rhode Island?

Laura Mernoff
Free-lance journalist
Providence, Rhode Island
December 11, 2006

Joe Moretti imagines an Oprah Wedding.